Let’s invent a future where humans and machines can collaborate to extend human creativity.

COTOBA DESIGN is looking for talented people in the field of natural language processing, and full-stack engineers who fully support excellent service implementation. Human resources with diverse expertise in fields other than natural language processing are also welcome.
“Dance until it rains.” Let’s create a world enriched by humans and machines through conversational interfaces.


The interface paradigm is shifting to the dialog type where the machine is close to the person and realizes the person’s thought rather than the person who knows everything the machine can do and gives instructions. COTOBA DESIGN will seek the best information and communication technology and AI technology to realize this.

Would you like to experience the fusion of the latest development methods, language processing, and robotics together? Let’s create an interface paradigm shift together.


COTOBA DESIGN will continue to train and nurture innovative engineers. To this end, we will support and strengthen the following.

Support for obtaining doctorates

Encourage and support doctoral degrees. Support for purchasing documents, gadgets, and devices; support for research expenses; and academic participation (About once a year overseas). Obtaining a Ph.D. is also useful for development.

Introduction of the latest development methods

COTOBA DESIGN develops using the latest development environments and methods such as AWS, CI / CD, DevOps.

Ability to master big data/AI

You can conduct research and development in an environment that has full-fledged data such as NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) corpus and audio data.

No matter where you work

For example, in Singapore, Kumejima, or Hachijojima, you can work anywhere if you have a communicable environment.

Work from 2 days a week

We are looking for people who are willing to take on the challenge of cutting-edge development, even if you can only work two days a week, such as after maternity leave or childcare leave, or during nursing care.