Guidelines For Application

Chatbot Development Engineer

Form of Employment Regular employee
Business Profile Our goal is to explore the user's problem and its cause while keeping the conversational ball rolling, and to fix the problem. Through this conversation ball, we will develop a chatbot with a wide range of conversational techniques that will make users think "I want to talk again." or "It was fun.".
Eligibility [Essential experience and skills]
*Web service or game development experience

[Welcome experience and skills]
*Experience in creating and developing novels, comics, and games and providing them to third parties for evaluation
*Experience using tools and software for natural language processing and voice processing
*Server experience on Linux
*Development experience using open source software

[Person we need]
*A person who can read English documents and actively catch-up information.
*A person who can analyze why a book or movie impressed.
Place of Work Tokyo Office/Sendai Office/Kyoto Office/Osaka Office/Telework
Working Hours 9: 30 ~ 18: 00 (Actual 7.5 Hours)
Benefit [Holidays/Vacations]
Full five-day work week (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, annual paid leave, year-end and New Year holidays, congratulatory or condolence leave

annual salary system

Preferential treatment based on skill, experience and ability, and decision based on consultation
*Various allowances: Full payment of transportation expenses
*Salary revised once a year

*Various insurances
Employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance, and employee pension insurance

Regular health checkups, various in-house events, etc.