Available to everyone For development of conversatinal interfaces

COTOBA DESIGN is working on research and development of advanced conversational agent technologies to achieve, in near future, a ”precious conversation”, which comes from thoughtfulness, dedication to users’ needs and meticulous attention to details.

Providing APIs on the dialog platform

The dialog platform we are developing provides APIs necessary for research and development of conversational interfaces. In parallel with the platform development, our goal is to build a developer community and instill a variety of conversatinoal interfaces of thoughtful, user oriented and detaild attentions, into society.

In addition, we will develop authoring tools for dialog content developers, with a view to solving social issues in the nursing care, RPA, entertaiment markets, based on dialogs with thoughtfulness, dedication to users’ needs and meticulous attention to details.


Dialog Engine Development (OSS)

The dialog engine developed by COTOBA DESIGN will enable advanced dialogs that are difficult to achieve with the command execution type dialogs already provided on conventional smart speakers. For example, a dialog agent starts a conversation reacting the user attitude, estimates the intention through multiple interactions and the context of the conversation, then makes a flexible response and a proposal if possible. This technology has also been adopted by “R & D and demonstration of advanced dialog agent technology” project, a part of information and communication research activities by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and it is attracting a lot of attention.


  1. Efficient creation of custom models through data expansion and transfer learning using large-scale linguistic resources.
  2. Technology and data for the recognition of synonyms between spoken words enables the development of bots using semantic matching that is difficult with simple rules.
  3. Continue to develop and accumulate high-quality data through a team of experts in dictionaries, corpus maintenance, and annotation.

Development of Authoring Tools

We will provide an authoring tool for dialog content developers that anyone can be a creator. As the dialog engine evolves, the authoring tool uses open architecture and also provides a test environment for debugging during development.

Content Development

Provide dialog content distribution platform that enables distribution of dialog content know-how and additional function modules themselves. By constructing a dialog agent from multiple modules, a new dialog service can be built incrementally.